Prospective Student-Athletes

For Prospective Student Athletes
High School, Junior College and Prep School Athletes

Thinking about becoming an NCAA Division I student-athlete at ETSU? Here are some things you need to know...

  • 2.3 or Take a Knee
    For college bound student athletes entering an institution in August 2016 or later, these new eligibility guidelines will be in place. Be sure you know what you need to do!
  • Division I Eligibility Toolkit
    Includes The Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete, Eligibility Quick Reference Tools, and much more valuable information.
  • NCAA Eligiblity Center
    Every incoming freshman student-athlete must register and be certified by the NCAA in order to practice, compete and receive an athletic scholarship at the Division I or II level. Click on the link to visit the Eligibility Center site to register and get more information on the Division I academic requirements.
  • National Letter of Intent
    The National Letter of Intent (NLI) is the contract that an incoming prospective student-athlete signs with his/her university; the NLI is an offer of an athletic scholarship. The NLI website has information regarding signing dates, the text of the actual NLI, and much more.
  • Probability of Competing Beyond High School
    This information shows the probability of advancing one’s athletic career to NCAA competition at all three levels. This does not show a breakdown of advancing to Division 1 only. Those percentages would be lower. Please take every opportunity to heart.

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Probability of Competing Beyond High School