Academic Progress and Success

The East Tennessee State University Student-Athlete Academic Support Services office contacts faculty members who work with student athletes by sending out academic progress report forms via GradesFirst throughout the semester. These forms include questions about a student athlete’s attendance, completion of assignments, and current grade status. The progress reports allow the academic staff, the professor, coaches, and the student-athletes to make the necessary adjustments to ensure the student-athletes’ success in their academic endeavors.

Spring 2015 ETSU Athletics Academic Stat Sheet

  1. Overall cumulative student-athlete GPA of 3.10 (non-athletes at ETSU – Fall 2013 GPA = 3.03)
  2. 217/348 (62%) Student-Athletes earned Buccaneer Honor Roll (3.0+ GPA)
  3. 125/348 (36%) Student-Athletes earned Dean’s List (minimum 3.7 GPA) -- RECORD HIGH
  4. 42 Student-Athletes in 4.0 Club -- RECORD HIGH
  5. 11 ETSU athletic programs earned team GPAs of 3.0 or higher