Conrad Casem
Network Media Coordinator
Buccaneer Sports Network
PHONE: (423) 439-6855 EMAIL:
Conrad Casem


A Long Island, N.Y. native, Casem attended ETSU from 2001-2005 and graduated with a degree in Mass Communications. During his academics with the Bucs Conrad "MC'd" men's and women's basketball games, a pair of spring concerts with Everclear and Ludacris, and a variety of campus events. Casem also produced numerous comedy sketches for "ETSU Latenight," a comedy show that aired on the campus channel. Bristol Motor Speedway sought out the comedic gentlemen and for three seasons Conrad "MC'd" for Thunder Valley Street Fights.  

After graduating from ETSU, Conrad started producing, directing, and writing for Charter Media from 2006-2012. While at Charter, Casem produced television commercials, a 30 minute show called The Chamberzone, and produced/directed The CMS Highschool Football Game of the Week, hosted by ETSU's own Jay Sandos.  

A longtime surfer, Conrad travels around the globe to exotic surf destinations. His last trip was to the Philippines, Conrad's native country. Conrad is engaged to Brittany Watkins, an ETSU Graduate, they both love to snowboard and wakeboard.