Q&A with Coach Skole
Q&A with Coach Skole
Wednesday, September 12, 2012

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (Sept. 12, 2012) – The ETSU baseball team opened its fall season, and during the upcoming weeks head coach Tony Skole will sit down with the ETSU athletic media relations staff for question-and-answer sessions to let the fans know how the team is doing.

Below is the first Q&A session with Coach Skole…

What were your overall feelings of the scrimmages this weekend?

It was very enjoyable to see our ball club for the first time in a game atmosphere. Being able to evaluate our returning players and see the improvements they made over the summer was very encouraging. Also, being able to put eyes on our new players and see them compete at this level for the first time was very exciting. This team is developing great chemistry and these kids really have great passion for our baseball program. It has been exciting every day we have been able to coach them. 

What was the one thing that surprised you most?

I think if you just step back and look with the naked eye, the first thing that stands out is the “physical-ness” of our ball club. Even though we have a good number of new players, this year’s team will have more size and team speed than we have had in recent years. Also, I thought the scrimmage was very clean. For the most part, we made the routine plays and threw a lot of strikes. Our hitters were a little behind, but that was to be expected. I thought we ran the bases very aggressively.     

How have the new guys been adapting to the team over the first weekend?

We have 18 new faces and they have been great at getting acclimated to their new environment and surroundings. Coach Barksdale, Coach Bunn, and Coach Landreth did a phenomenal job of putting this recruiting class together. It’s no secret we weren’t very good last season and we needed to address some personnel issues. From day one these guys have been fun to coach and their attitudes have been great. All you have to do is ask the returning players about the new guys and their faces light up.  We are all excited about the future.  

What are you looking to see improvement on during the scrimmages this upcoming weekend?

Basically, we want to be better this weekend than we were last weekend. That is our goal – to get a little better each and every day. We are throwing a lot of information at our guys right now and I’m anxious to see if our players can begin to process this information. If they (mostly our new players) can begin to do this, the game will begin to slow down for them and they will be able to play more relaxed. From a general standpoint, as always, we want to continue to play with great tempo, while throwing strikes, making the routine plays, and getting some timely hits.

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