Get BucWild!
BucWild is open to any current ETSU student with a passion for supporting the Bucs! It is one of the largest student organizations on campus, and is dedicated to fostering school spirit and pride while building both traditions and cameraderie among students.

How do I join BucWild?
Students may join in person at any of the BucWild tables which are set up at each athletic event or stop by room W267 in the Mini-Dome. They may also call (423) 439-5286 or email bucwild@etsu.edu to join. Click here to register online.

How much does BucWild cost?
The price for new members is $20, all returning members receive a special discount rate of $15. 

How long does my membership last?
BucWild memberships last for one regular academic year...basically August through May. 
Your membership must be renewed each year to maintain benefits.

What are some of the benefits of joining BucWild?
Members receive an official BucWild T-shirt, access to a special student hospitality area with free food at games, special reserved seating areas, and first priority on student tickets for road games when available. All members can also earn extra rewards through accumulated points based on event attendance and participation. See the points and prizes charts to the right for more details on BucWild Rewards.

What does BucWild do?
BucWild is responsible for creating a true home field advantage for all of our Bucs and Lady Bucs games. BucWild members should be the loudest, craziest, most vocal members of the crowd and lead others in cheering our teams to victory!

For more information about BucWild contact Pat Bearry at (423) 439-5286, or look us up on Facebook at Buc Wild.


UNC Road Trip - Dec. 2012

BucWild Prize Winners 

GO BUCS!!!  



 1  Sean Murtaugh 189
 2  Alden Collins 143
 3  Katie Wolff 136
 4  Whitney Leon 132
 5  Billy Quinlan 90
 6  Reagan Rainey 63
 7  Trevor Passafume 46
 8  Isaac Clark 43
 9  Thomas Klug 42
10  Andrew Malone 41

BucWild is proudly sponsored by:

ETSU Housing

Win awesome prizes by attending
ETSU Athletic events!

Men's Basketball: 1 point
Baseball: 2 Points
Women's Basketball: 3 points
Men's Soccer: 3 points
Women's Soccer: 3 points
Volleyball: 4 Points
Softball: 5 points
Refer a friend: 10 points (once)


200 Points
Nike Sneakers

150 Points
Nike Hoody

100 Points
Nike Backpack

75 Points
Premier Hospitality Pass

50 Points
Nike Dri-Fit Long Sleeve

25 Points
Nike Dri-Fit Short Sleeve

Free for joining
BucWild T-Shirt
Car sticker
Membership card
Food at select games