Iron Buc Challenge

During the 2017 football season, ETSU head strength and conditioning coach Al Johnson and his staff will award players with the Iron Buc Award. 

Week 1 Challenge -- "Buc Buster Relay"

The "Buc Buster Relay" consisted of a Hexbar carry & Prowler Push/Pull Relay. Each member of the team had to complete one full round of teh listed criteria before the next individual could begin. The first team to have all members finish was crowned winner. Criteria for the event was as follows:
  1. Hex Bar Carry → 25 yards

  2. Prowler Pull → 25 yards

  3. Hex Bar Carry → 25 yards

  4. Prowler Push → 25 yards

  • Once an athlete has completed all four parts of the challenge the next athlete may begin

The winning team featured: Cameron Butler (Millington, Tenn.), Zayquan Gillespie (Gatlinburg, Tenn.), Asley Haynes (Roan Mountain, Tenn.), Austin Hicks (Elizabethton, Tenn.), Quay Holmes (Powder Springs, Ga.), Miles Manigault (Cincinnati, Ohio), Paul Miller (Sugar Hill, Ga.), Trejuan Purty (Maryville, Tenn.), Chris Ross (Enterprise, Ala.), Hunter Thompas (Pulaski, Va.) and Kashif Warren (Knoxville, Tenn.). 


Week 2 Challenge -- "Buc Art Challenge"

The second week of the #IronBucChallenge consisted of our "Buc of Art" challenge. This challenge tested the Bucs attention to detail and ability to communicate effectively. The image shown below is the "shrine art" built prior to the lift. The winning team had to successfully move it from one side of the field to the other and put it together exactly as they found it. The smallest of details counted in this challenge. Once rebuilding the piece, the team finished the competition by sprinting back across the field and had to sinng a song as a unit. The winning team this week included: Drae Butts (Gray, Ga.), Asley Haynes (Roan Mountain, Tenn.), Brandon McCray (West Chester, Ohio), Robert Murphy (Chattanooga, Tenn.), Tyrique Sandusky (Memphis, Tenn.), Donovan Swinger (Anderson, S.C), Kashif Warren (Knoxville, Tenn.) and Caleb Woody (Maryville, Tenn.)
Buc Art Challenge