Where are they now: The
The Trawick brothers, along with their mother Eileen, were in attendance at Homecoming back in November. From left to right, Guy, Don, Steve, Eileen, Lee, and Bill Trawick pose for photos.
Where are they now: The "Trawick" brothers
Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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In the fall of 1984, a unique era came to a close for the ETSU football program.

From 1969 until 1984, there was a brother with the last name Trawick on the ETSU roster. In all, five Trawick boys – Bill, Lee, Steve, Don and Guy – played in succession for the Buccaneers. Below is a story written by the late John Cathey, an ETSU Hall of Famer and former Sports Information Director.


* This article first appeared in the press guide for the 1984 football season and for the last time in the Senior Day program during the November 17th game between East Tennessee State and Marshall in the Memorial Center in Johnson City, Tenn. The article was written by the late John Cathey, SID during the 1984 season.

A unique era in Buccaneer football will come to a close after the 1984 campaign.              

The saga of the Trawick family and Buccaneer football will wind down as Guy completes his senior season as a defensive back. There has been a Trawick on the Buccaneer football team continuously since 1969, when Bill Trawick followed his high school coach at Decatur, Ga., to the hills of East Tennessee. He was recruited by the late Franklin Brooks who came to the Buccaneers from Decatur High School to work under John Robert Bell.

Then in succession came Lee, Steve, Don, and now Guy will wind it up for this current generation. All five have played important roles in the Buccaneer football story over the past 16 seasons.

All except Lee were defensive backs and he was a starting quarterback for most of his four years wearing the Blue and Gold. Bill and Lee played prep football in Decatur, while Steve and Don saw action at Hillsborough High School in Nashville. Guy played his prep sports in Raleigh, N.C.

Bill came on the scene during the Buccaneers’ most successful season -- the 1969 Grantland Rice Bowl championship campaign. Lee joined the program in 1972, Steve came in 1975, Don in 1977, and Guy in 1981.

There have been brother combinations that have played throughout college football history at various schools around the country, but the Trawick story at East Tennessee State may be unique.

No records of this sort of thing are kept by the NCAA or anyone else, but it is highly unlikely that five brothers have played at one school.

Three years ago at homecoming, all five brothers were on hand to see the Buccaneers play. Guy, of course, was in uniform while the other four were in the stands marking the first time all were in the “Dome” at the same time.

Where are they now?   

Bill is Southeastern regional manager for Bird Johnston Co. in Atlanta. Lee is in insurance representing Equitable Life Insurance Co. in Atlanta, Steve is an industrial hygienist with United Papers Workers International in Nashville and Don is the Southeastern regional manager with Ennis, Lumsden, Boyleston Associates in Atlanta.

While the 1985 campaign will find the Buccaneers Trawick-less, who knows what the future will hold with second generation Trawicks who may well find their way to the Big Blue football program.



Most recently, all five Trawick brothers and their mother, Eileen, were in attendance at a special football gathering for Homecoming 2013 inside the Dome. More information on the brothers and were they are now can be found below:


Where Are They Now


Name: Bill Trawick

ETSU Letters: 1970-73

Where they live: Atlanta, Ga.

Careers: Currently employed by American Safety and Fire House


Name: Lee Trawick

ETSU Letters: 1972-75

Where they live: Columbia, S.C.

Careers: Owner/President of Trawick Financial Services, Inc.


Name: Steve Trawick

ETSU Letters: 1975-78

Where they live: Suwanee, Ga.

Careers: Retired in 2003 from career in occupational health and safety


Name: Don Trawick

ETSU Letters: 1978-79

Where they live: Suwanee, Ga.

Careers: President of Trawick Medical, Inc.


Name: Guy Trawick

ETSU Letters: 1982-84

Where they live: Wake Forest, N.C.

Careers: Property and Casualty Specialist for MetLife Auto and Home Insurance