story looks at Phillip Fulmer's impact on ETSU football
Coach Phillip Fulmer has been essential to ETSU's plans for returning to the gridiron. story looks at Phillip Fulmer's impact on ETSU football
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The scenery is a bit different now, but Phillip Fulmer doesn’t mind. The former Tennessee coach still has a sizable corner office, one situated on the edge of a lake. But its view is in stark contrast with the one from Fulmer’s old workplace. There, at Neyland Stadium, 100,000 Volunteers fans used to look down on him on fall Saturdays.

Fulmer has had time to gain a new perspective on life. The onetime BCS champion has been a partner at BPV Capital Management for the better part of four years. He lends a hand to BPV’s business development team, which manages investment and retirement funds for clients. Yet a quick look inside Fulmer’s expansive office offers a window to his past. Signed Tennessee helmets and pictures decorate shelves along the wall. A framed Power T hangs just outside his door. People in the area still remember Fulmer as a veteran face of the SEC — that’s why he often corrects fans when they stop by to chat.

"I’m certainly not retired,” said Fulmer, his BCS title ring on his left hand. “People ask me all the time, ‘How are you doing with retirement?’ I’m certainly not retired. I’ve got like three jobs it seems like.”


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