Business Backs the Bucs

ETSU Athletics invites your Business to Back the Bucs! 
Newly restructured this season, Business Backs the Bucs now focuses on tickets, your enjoyment of the game, and the return on investment for your business. The program now features three levels of participation: a $100 option, $300 option, and $600 option.  Each one putting more and more tickets in your hands. Use the flex tickets as gifts for clients, employees, family, or friends. You can reward an exceptional staff, cultivate new business, host a party....and use the season tickets for yourself all season long!

$100: 50 flex tickets
$300: 2 Bronze Level season tickets AND 50 flex tickets
$600: 4 Bronze Level season tickets AND 75 flex tickets 

We encourage all fans to support your local businesses, especially those that BACK THE BUCS!

For more information about joining the Business Backs the Bucs program, contact Sarah Morabito or Katie Spero at 423-439-4343 or email