ETSU has started a new Women’s Triathlon program
ETSU has started a new Women’s Triathlon program
Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 31, 2016

Kane O'Neil - WJHL

There is a new sports program at ETSU involving swimming, biking and running.

That’s right the Bucs have a women’s triathlon team, one of just 13 teams in the entire country and the ladies can thank the ETSU football team.

“ETSU jumped on it as a great opportunity,” said ETSU triathlon head coach Janine Pleasant. “They had just brought football in, they needed to bring in three more women’s sports for Title IX. Brian Johnston and I had already been campaigning to bring triathlon in and so it all just came together at the right time.”

Former Hilltopper Chloe Ford and former Viking McKenzie Killian are two of the three members currently on the roster with two transfers set to join the team from germany, bringing a wide range of past triathlon experience to the table.

“I’ve actually been doing triathlons for 5 years,” said Killian. “I was hoping the day would come and they had said there’d be a club but I didn’t actually think it would be a sport before I graduated. So when I got the call, had to do it.”

“I swam throughout my high school career and I loved that it incorporated swimming,” said Ford. “But there was also two other things that, if I got sick of swimming, I can go do biking or running. So that really attracted me.”

These ETSU student athletes have to try and juggle coursework with triathlon training, which is obviously not an easy task.

“Classes all day and then homework and then go to bed and then do it all over again,” said Killian.

“In high school, 5 a.m. didn’t seem as early. In college, like college I’m like ‘Dang, this is really early.’ So it’s been a little tiring, but it’s going well,” said Ford.

Three women leading ETSU into uncharted waters. Fortunately the ship is being steered by Bucanneers. Reporting at ETSU, Kane O’Neill, News Channel 11 sports.