Triathlon Opens New Training Facility
Triathlon Opens New Training Facility
Friday, September 1, 2017

With its second season of competition about to begin, ETSU’s Triathlon team unveiled its new indoor training facility Thursday at the MSHA Athletics Center.

“Opening this up is major step forward for the ETSU program,” said ETSU head coach Janine Pleasant. “We can provide our athletes with a world-class training facility. It’s part of a cooperative effort between ETSU Triathlon and the Center of Excellence for Sport Science and Coach Education, which will help us maximize the potential of every student-athlete.”

The training area represents a step forward for ETSU’s young Triathlon program.

“This facility has been more than a year in the making,” Pleasant said. “It wouldn’t be possible without the USA Triathlon grant provided to colleges participating in the NCAA emerging sport of triathlon.”

Housed in former racquetball court, the facility includes ten training stations. The training machines attach to the rear wheels of bicycles, and connect to iPads that communicate with the trainer to provide variable resistance and allow the athletes to race each other on a simulated outdoor course.

Three of the training stations are “rollers,” which help build balance and control of the bike.

The ETSU Triathlon team is scheduled to compete in four events this fall, starting with the Central Regional Qualifier in Naperville, Ill. on Monday, September 4th.

Last year, ETSU placed 3rd out of 13 teams competing in Triathlon. “So we go into this season with high expectations,” said Pleasant. “But we’re starting fresh, in that we have two returners and four newcomers. Still, our hopes are to stay among the top teams in the country.”

For more information on ETSU’s women’s Triathlon throughout the 2017 season, visit and click on the Triathlon link.