Carly Brewington

Carly Brewington

YR. Fr.
HOMETOWN Coral Springs, Fla.


How did you get started doing triathlons?

My dad is an ultra-runner, so I grew up attending races. When I was 10, he started doing triathlons, so my brother and I signed up for a kid's triathlon. I finished dead last, but I loved it, so I kept doing them.

What made you decide to come to ETSU?

The opportunities that ETSU presented were great. To be on a Division 1 triathlon team and in the second class of girls of the sport was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. The school also houses my major and is in such a beautiful place. It felt like home as soon as I came on my recruiting trip.

What do you like most, and least, about triathlon?

I love the racing aspect. It’s such a fast-paced race and it makes all the training worth it. My favorite part of the race are the transitions – the require such technique but they also require speed, so it's like the best of both worlds. My least favorite part is running because I am not the fastest runner.


Did you participate in triathlon in high school? Did you participate in other sports in high school?  If you have, which ones? Did you earn honors like all-conference, all-region, all-state, qualify for Nationals, Worlds, etc.?

I did triathlon while in high school, but not for my school. I was a varsity cross country runner for three years and a varsity swimmer for three years, and was a captain for swim my junior year. I qualified for regionals all three years in swimming and the team won first place at districts my junior year.

Do you have an athletic role model? If you do, whom?

My dad is my athletic role model. I grew up training with him and looking up to him. As an ultra-runner he has so much discipline with his training and is so committed. He’s a great motivator and has always made me feel like I can do whatever I set my mind to and dedicate myself to.

Triathlon is considered an “emerging sport.” What do you see as the future of triathlon as a college sport?

The future of triathlon in college is so bright -- it's only been two years and teams are coming out of everywhere and there are such strong athletes. There are so many talented youth and junior racers coming up through the ranks and I’m so excited to see the next few years of recruiting and new teams emerging.

What’s your major, and your plans for after college?

My major is special education, and I plan to teach out of my undergrad, but I also plan to go back to school for my masters in early childhood education. In a perfect world I would be a SPED Pre-school teacher in a public-school system!

What’s your most memorable moment in triathlon?

My first full season in sprint triathlons when I was 14, my mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer earlier in the year and I remember finishing a race (she wasn’t there because her immune system was too weak) and calling her and telling her how I did. I felt like no matter what the result was I raced my heart out for her. That season was my strongest.


2017: Finished 5th in Females 15-19 age group in Frantic Frog meet in Scottsboro, Ala., September 16