Prospective Student-Athletes

For Prospective Student-athletes
(High School, Prep School, Junior College, and Transfers)


Below please find helpful information as you begin your journey to becoming a Division-I Student-Athlete at ETSU.


  • NCAA Eligibility Center
    • Every student-athlete must register and be certified by the NCAA in order to practice, compete and receive an athletics scholarship. Click on the link below to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center website and to receive more information on how to become a Division-I student-athlete.


  • Initial Eligibility Certification
    • The NCAA eligibility certification process requires high school prospective student-athletes to meet certain academic benchmarks. The link below will help you secure a head start to meet the NCAA academics standards.


  • National Letter of Intent
    • The National Letter of Intent (NLI) is the contract that a prospective student-athlete signs with his/her university. In addition, the prospective student-athlete should also receive a written scholarship to sign when they receive their NLI. You may only sign one NLI. The link below to the NLI website has information regarding signing dates, the text of the actual NLI, and much more.


  • Want to Transfer to ETSU?
    • The NCAA has specific requirements related to transferring from a two-year institution or a 4-year institution to another 4-year institution. Please click on the link below for more information.


  • Admission to ETSU
    • Please check out ETSU admission requirements provided in the link below.