Athletic Training and BucSports

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the East Tennessee State University Sports Medicine Department to provide the highest quality healthcare to our student athletes and support the current mission of East Tennessee State University Athletics. Our mission is to continue to strive for excellence in the following domains:

  • Injury prevention.
  • Proper care, evaluation, and treatment of all injuries and illness.
  • Adequate rehabilitation and recovery from all athletic injuries.
  • Promoting overall health and wellness for all student athletes.
  • Adhering to all scientific evidence-based practice and recommendations made by the National Athletic Trainers Association, NCAA Sports Medicine Committee, and Southern Conference.
  • We maintain that the student athlete’s health is our number one priority and all actions taken by the sports medicine staff shall reflect this.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of the East Tennessee State University Sports Medicine Department to provide our student athletes with a superior healthcare system that encompasses injury care and prevention, rehabilitation, mental healthcare, and athlete education. In addition, we will be relentless in our pursuit to provide the best healthcare facility. We will strive to be a leader in the healthcare community by operating under the most current evidence-based practices and promoting an environment of equity and diversity amongst our staff. We will continue to foster a positive and encouraging environment for which this will take place. Our commitment to achieving these goals will be unrivaled and unmatched.

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The Jerry Robertson Athletic Medicine Center at East Tennessee State University is a multi-disciplinary clinic offering physician, physical therapy and athletic training services to ETSU student-athletes and the general public. BucSports is located in the southwest corner of the Memorial Center in a newly renovated 7,500 square foot facility offering persons of all ages a comprehensive program specializing in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation of injuries. These may be associated with sports, recreation, job-related injuries, or geriatrics. 

The BucSports staff realizes that recovering from an injury can be difficult. Our primary mission is to help our patients and student-athletes get back to their regular daily activities as quickly and safely as possible. We design a special treatment program for each individual's specific needs. Most importantly, we place a great deal of emphasis on prevention so that our patients know how to prevent the recurrence of their aliments. 

BucSports is a conglomeration of medical professionals who understand that returning to work, participating in recreational activities, and winning after an injury takes hard work. BucSports is equipped with the latest in work, recreational, and sports medicine technology, along with a staff of experts in orthopedic evaluation, sports medicine, and injury prevention. In addition, we have teamed together with many of the region's health care leaders to provide surgical and inpatient services. 

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Daily physician services
  • On site x-ray
  • Aquatic therapy
  • On site bracing/assistive device services

In order to enhance convenience for our patients we also offer:

  • Designated parking
  • Convenient hours
  • Handicap access
  • File all major insurance

To schedule an appointment please call: 423-439-4044