A Call to Action From President Noland
A Call to Action From President Noland
Monday, June 1, 2020

The suffering that George Floyd experienced when he lost his life is something no individual should have to endure. Over the last week, I and others across the nation have wrestled with many emotions as we all search for answers, guidance and change. We must heed the call to action to create a vision from which future action can unfold.

The five individuals honored in Borchuck Plaza desegregated East Tennessee State College in the early 1950s. These trailblazers believed that everyone deserves the opportunity to attend college regardless of race or background. How can we use their vision to learn from another, work together and share our feelings in order to lead and build a brighter future with opportunities for all?  

Let's rise above the violence and come together as a campus, community and region.

I encourage you to watch the video above and I hope you will join me in the call to action. Look for more information to be shared in the coming days as the Multicultural Center will host a series of virtual support and dialogue opportunities for our community.

Below is a list of support resources available to our ETSU family:


Brian Noland