Priority Points


All contributions to the Excellence Fund qualify for priority points which provide every donor a personal stake of equity in the ETSU Athletic Program. These priority points allow the athletic department to rank donors pertaining to their generosity as well as their longevity of support. Other important factors are also considered in the point system, including consecutive years of giving as well as alumnae status. Please see the priority point chart below along with some scenarios for priority point mathematics.


Excellence Fund – Priority Point Chart

½ point per $100 – all gifts in kind to the athletic department

1 point per $100 – all ticket priority annual gifts (football & basketball)

1 point per $100 – all endowment program giving

1 point per season ticket purchased to any ETSU sport

2 points per $100 – all capital gifts for facility improvement and/or special projects (non-ticket related Excellence Fund Priorities)

5 points per year for each consecutive year of giving (this is a longevity award and is lost if consecutive years cease)

15 points – one-time award for alumnae status

*The Excellence Fund will occasionally award specialty points for a milestone of consecutive years of giving or issue specific donor challenges where points may increase for support of a particular initiative.


Point Scenario Explanation

Mr. Buccaneer is an ETSU Alum (15 points) that has held 4 season basketball tickets for the past ten seasons (40 points). He also recently purchased 4 season baseball tickets for the first time (4 points) and made a $2500 gift to the Kick-Off Fund (50 points). He has been a loyal contributor to the Excellence Fund for 10 years (50 points) where he has accumulated $10,000 in total giving associated with his ticket priorities (100 points). Mr. Buccaneer has a priority point total of 259 points.