ETSU athletics launches 2014-15 men’s basketball  season ticket renewal campaign
The Buccaneers will call Freedom Hall home for the 2014-15 season.
ETSU athletics launches 2014-15 men’s basketball season ticket renewal campaign
Friday, August 1, 2014

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (Aug. 1, 2014) – The ETSU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics announced Friday that it has launched its 2014-15 men’s basketball season ticket renewal campaign.

The completed schedule – which will include games against non-conference opponents, as well as a full slate of Southern Conference teams – will be released in the coming weeks, but with the Buccaneers move to Freedom Hall this season there is already a great deal of excitement surrounding the upcoming campaign and many questions regarding season tickets.

Friday’s announcement included information regarding changes to ticket policy, procedure and pricing, and it also set a deadline of Sept. 19, 2014 for the receipt of season ticket renewal forms.

"The biggest change is a move from the two-transaction process we have used in the past – which required a donation to the athletic department followed by another purchase of your season tickets,” said Senior Associate Athletic Director/COO Scott Carter. “This new ticket-related giving system allows for one transaction for a selected seat location, with a portion of that ticket price serving as a financial gift to ETSU athletics.”

Because of the change in venue for the upcoming season, many Buccaneer fans have asked about the seat-selection process for Freedom Hall. ETSU Athletics announced Friday that it will host a “seat selection draft” beginning on Oct. 1, 2014. The process will utilize a priority points system and rank donors according to their historical and cumulative giving to ETSU athletics. All season ticket holders will have the opportunity to personally select or block their seats based on donor rank.

Fans wishing to improve their rank for seat selection may do so by making donations to the athletic department prior to Sept. 19, 2014. Donors and 2013-14 season-ticket holders will receive a more detailed mailing with order forms and a seating map in the coming days.

Carter also pointed out that another change this season will be the availability of some season tickets without a required donation.

“In the past there was a requirement of at least a $100 donation to purchase season tickets,” Carter said. “That requirement is no longer in place. Freedom Hall provides a platform to price our seats in a manner that creates an opportunity for every ETSU fan to enjoy Buccaneer basketball.”

Other alterations to game-day hospitality and parking were also announced on Friday, and more information regarding those changes can be found by visiting the ticket link at Fans with questions are also encouraged to call the ETSU Athletics ticket office at 423-439-3878.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to make a donation to the athletic department in order to purchase season tickets?: No. This season there will be season tickets available in Freedom Hall that will not require a donation to athletics.

Am I purchasing my specific seats now?: No. At this time fans are selecting the price level they would like to sit in. You will have the opportunity to choose your seats during the seat selection draft in October.

How will the seat selection draft work?: For years, the ETSU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics has maintained a priority points system database that ranks individuals based on their historic and cumulative support. In the past, this same ranking system was used to give fans with strong giving histories priority for postseason ticket purchases and other special events within the department. This donor ranking system is designed to reward both longevity and generosity. Beginning on Oct. 1, 2014, all season ticket holders will be given a selected time based on their rank to come to Freedom Hall and personally select their seats. All season ticket holders will receive a time to participate in the draft. This process will be completed over several days.

Can I improve my rank? Yes. Any donations to the athletic department prior to Sept. 19, 2014 will be counted in the priority points system database, and will help improve a person’s rank in the system. Call the ETSU athletic department at 423-439-3878 for more information about that process.

Can I block seats with other fans?: Yes. Fans interested in sitting together with a group can do so by averaging their collective rank for the seat selection draft, and then choosing the block of seats they would like to purchase. To learn more about this process, call 423-439-3878.

When will I learn of my position and time for the seat selection draft?: Fans will receive an e-mail with their rank following the Sept. 19 deadline and prior to the Oct. 1 seat selection draft. This e-mail will also include a designated time to arrive at Freedom Hall to select seats. Fans may also call the ETSU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics at 423-439-3878 to inquire about their draft status.

What if I can’t be there for my scheduled selection time? There are several options available for fans that are unable to be at Freedom Hall during their schedule selection time.  Arrangements can be made in advance for you to select ‘by proxy,’ that is, have a designated person select for you.  Fans may also FaceTime with a ticket sales representative at Freedom Hall, or contact the ticket office in advance to discuss preferences for seating locations.

Can I sit with my friends? Yes. Fans who wish to select seats with friends or family may do so by averaging their donor ranks together. For example: Fan A is ranked 300 and Fan B is ranked 500.  They would like to choose seats together, so they average their ranks and will select seats 400th. All parties involved must agree and advise the ticket office of their intentions prior to the September 19th deadline. Additionally, all parties will sign a form at the seat selection verifying their intention to average rank.

When should I expect to receive my tickets? Tickets will be distributed as soon as the seat selection draft is completed and everyone has had an opportunity to make their selections.

How do I get a parking permit? Everyone who purchases donor-level season tickets will now automatically receive a parking permit.

How do I get access to Premium Hospitality (The Courtside Club)? Fans who purchase seats in the Premium Floor or Premium Courtside price levels will automatically receive hospitality access passes. Donors sitting in non-premium areas can also buy a season pass to the Courtside Club for $200 per person.